Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Un baiser s'il vous plait 2007

Good, warm film which leaves comfortable feeling at the end.
The story inside the story….that is what I call French film with love, sex, friendship and beauty….
Haven’t felt so relaxed and comfortable for long time….brings some memories of late evening with good tête-à-tête dialogue ;-)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

10 Items Of Less: You Are Who You Meet

"Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega are the mismatched pair who get in the car and go about doing errands according to the need of one or the other. Morgan Freeman is superbly human, relating with one and all, while Paz Vega is the edgy cashier behind the "10 Items or Less" check out line, intimidating customers and bored out of her mind. Together they explore, discover, and learn from each other. To do that of course they must be vulnerable, interested in change, and have a sense of humour, all of which they both have. I wish this film was realistic, I wish this type of story happened more often, I wish we didn't have to go to the movies to realize that we can indeed connect with each other even if we come from vastly different backgrounds. The film's message is based in the open heart, and makes us wonder about the possibility of another world where we meet each other from there - a world where peace could be a possibility." Reference to user comment: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0499603/

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Numb (2007)

«Numb» remind me of «Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind» with Jim Carrey. There is the same, comedy actor playing quite dramatic role with some psychological issues and style of the film that creates warm feeling at the end.
Film is wonderful and attracts you straight from the start and not letting you go till the end. I was glad to see Matthew Perry in dramatic role. By watching main character Hudson, from the start you understand that the person isn’t psycho, but he thinks about himself as freak and creates barrier from outside people and environment.
By not looking at the factor that film is drama, it is still quite funny. Also at some scenes you even want to say ‘Here we go! There is Chandler Bing!’ But no, it’s not him, Hudson is the side of Matthew acting that we haven’t seen before and didn’t know about.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Le Prix à Payer (2007)

Jean-Pierre Ménard ( Christian Clavier) has got everything is sorted in his life – profitable and good job, student daughter and beautiful wife who have good shoes, cloth and have enough money to do whatever they want.
But now Menard have problem – his wife stopped pay attention to him, stopped prepare his ties, stopped go to café with him, stopped visit him at work and at the end sleeps in different room. What to do? How to make relationship work?
When Menard becomes completely depressed, his driver gives him advice – like”take the golden visa card from wife and she will give you love and warmth all you want”. But one thing, kind driver forgot to mention that he has got also problems with his mistress at home.
Flashing dialogues, ridiculous situations in the movie – all it makes us to laugh, but thus closer to the end of film the all audience turn into more sad and more sad
At the end I think what movie tries to show that it is a pity both women, and the men, bound to be engaged in business that they not love and to suffer people who are actually that even close to you. Finally both rich and poor only seek to survive in this world in any ways. And this game on a survival transforms a life into the nonsense filled by lovers, shops or work in « Gallery Lafayette ».

Thursday, 15 May 2008

L’ultiomo Bacio (2001)

Great Film!

Finally authors didn’t imagine something and showed the real thing.
Feelings and worries of main actors of the film will understand every man, who had proper serious relationship that end up with breakup, but everyone have to see it.

Very unusual film. You should not see it if you are hoping to laugh while watching the movie, because you won’t be able to see much comedy in there. But I suggest movie to those who are thinking of future serious relationship and family. What is interesting about this movie is that it touches theme such as mid crisis of 30 year old and presents not romantic comedy but drama, especially serious one. This film will persuade to rethink if you are ready for serious relationship or make stronger your thought that you are ready.

This movie reflects to the true life! I think everyone will see bit of self in each character, because it’s our time, our life and it’s about US!

Click (2006)

To be honest, I didn’t expect it! I was quite impressed to see that Americans can make a movie with minimum amount of stupid jokes, but the one that makes you laugh almost non-stop. But laghing stops half way through the movie as straight away drama part is starting. Usually drama is mixed with humor or vice versa, but in this film, fun stops completely and starts very sad storyline that almost brings some depression.

And then, the same way it cuts the drama part when you almost cry and the film again is back to humor that is enough not only to stop you sadness, but also to cheer you up.

Maybe this kind of way of presenting humor and drama, writers tried to show that fun in life of main actor is finished and he needs to be responsible for what he has done, or maybe they just have run out of jokes :)

Film is very good, not only because it makes you to laugh, but also that it makes to think about the life, and also that you can see Kate Beckinsale. She was wonderful in the movie especially in pink top she wore in the bar.

The Game (1997)

Game – is a film of films of thriller genre! It is the textbook for all and for everyone because it tries to specify to each of us the value of a life! Really, when a person who has everything, doesn’t require anything, who is succeeding banker, starts to have some kind of view of boredom and depression. Yes, he has problems, yes he is divorced and lives alone and at the end this life pushes him to the edge as well as it happend to his father who has suicide. Thank you for his younger brother who in time gives him unusual gift which restores the main character love for life!